Software products and services

FlatMap IT is a provider of innovative software development services based in Sydney Australia. We offer expertise in analysis, design, development, maintenance and getting stuff done.

Analysis and Design

  • System analysis, systems engineering and problem solving
  • Architecture and design to solve simple and complex problems in a wide range of industries

Real-Time Communication

  • Advanced communications and contact centre applications
  • Audio and Video calling and conferencing
  • Real-time text and chat

Network & System Management

  • Remote access solutions for distributed workforces
  • Incident and problem management
  • Automated network and system diagnostic tools

Web Technologies

  • Constructing SaaS and other cloud technologies
  • Bespoke web development
  • Virtualisation and container technologies

Enterprise Integration

  • Packaging, encapsulation and reengineering integrations for new and legacy systems
  • We can analyse your legacy projects and systems and provide an achievable path for modernisation, simplification and efficiency

Organisational Change & Software Process Improvement

  • Lean, Scrum and Kanban
  • Adapting traditional SDLC process models
  • Evidence-driven product management

Innovative Software Design and Development